Frequently asked questions

What is a Telemedicine (Video) consultation?

Clients often find it challenging to visit us regularly in clinic, whether it be tired children, busy schedules or fearful pets. While video consultations are not a replacement for a physical examination, they can offer real-time healthcare to animals and their owners in the comfort of their own home.

Can I use this service?

This service is aimed primarily to clients and their animals with whom we have an established relationship.

Although it is not our intention to offer this service in an emergency situation, if an alternative is not possible, a telemedicine consultation may be provided until suitable arrangements can be made for the continuing care of the animal.

What services are offered?

Telemedicine consultations will typically be offered for;

  • post surgical monitoring
  • chronic disease management
  • repeat prescriptions
  • revisits
  • assessment for the need for a veterinary visit

How do I access this service?

Provided you have access to an internet connected device (phone, tablet, laptop) with a camera and microphone, you should be able to access our video consultation service.

Is my video consultation private?

Video consultations are conducted in a private Online Consultation Room using secure host Coviu. Patient notes are recorded in our veterinary practise software.

In some cases, we may record or capture vision or sound of your Video consultation and your pet to assist with use in your pet’s ongoing care and for Hamilton Vetcare Clinic training to help identify or make service improvements

How do I prepare?

Try and choose a place that has good light and is not excessively noisy.

Having a table to lift small pets onto and a torch can also be helpful.  =As you will need to handle your pet and hold the camera at the same time, another person to assist can make the experience much easier.

How do I book a video consultation?

Telemedicine consultations will typically be recommended once our nurses and/or vets have assessed all information relative to the animal’s problem.

A telemedicine consultation can be made either by phoning the clinic (5572 2552) or selecting ‘Video Consultation’ when making an online booking.

What happens before the video consultation?

You will be asked to ‘enter the waiting room’ by clicking on the red button at the top menu on our website.

If we have a mobile number for you, a reminder will typically be sent before the Telemedicine consultation is scheduled to start.

You may also like to test the set up prior to your appointment to ensure everything is working – to do this you can call our receptionist and we will perform a test call for you.

By entering the Online Consultation Room or participating in a Telemedicine consultation, you accept and agree to our Terms of Service.

How do I join the Video consultation

Just before the time of your appointment, click on the red button ‘Enter Waiting room’ and wait for the vet to connect with you.

If this is your first time accessing the Video consultation, you will need to download the app when prompted and take a photo of yourself with your mobile device.

What happens during the video consultation?

When you join the video consultation waiting room, you will speak to our receptionist who will request payment for the consultation. A credit card will be required for this.

Once payment has been received the vet will connect with you and start the video consultation. You will be able to talk to our vet face to face and you may be asked to move the camera over your animal so we can see any areas of concern.

What happens after the consultation?

A compliant history will be recorded and any follow up appointments will be booked. Any treatments recommended will be organised for collection and payment.

What is the cost?

Initial consultation $78

Re-examination $55

What if I’m not happy with the service?

We are passionate about pets and committed to offering a professional service and the very best veterinary care. If you are not satisfied with this service, please raise this with the practise principals at Hamilton Vetcare.