How to set up for a Video consultation with Hamilton Vetcare

Step 1 – Making an appointment

Make an appointment either by phoning the clinic (5572 2552) or make an online booking by clicking here and select ‘Video Consultation’ from the services dropdown.

Step 2 – The appointment

When it is time for your online consultation, click on the red “Enter waiting room” button at the very top of this website. Please do this 5 or so minutes before your scheduled appointment time.

You may also like to test the set up prior to your appointment to ensure everything is working. To do this call our receptionist and we will perform a test call for you.

Step 3 – Payment

Payment for all small animal consultations will be required at the beginning of the video consultation. Our receptionist will prompt you for payment which will require a credit card.

What device do I need?

Our Video Consultations work seamlessly across all devices – laptop, desktop, tablet or smartphone. When you use our system for the first time, you will be required to run our video consulting service (Coviu) in your browser or install a mobile app for easy access.

What is a Telemedicine (Video) consultation?

Telemedicine enables the provision of health care to our patients at a distance.

Although the physical examination of your animal at our clinic by a veterinarian is the preferred method in all cases, telemedicine can offer an alternative when this is not possible.

We can use telemedicine when you can’t physically get to us, or if you aren’t sure whether your animal needs to be seen by a vet. It can also work well when you’re after a second opinion or when we need to monitor your animals’ recovery post-surgery without the need for you to come back to the clinic every time.

Telemedicine is not a replacement for physical examinations but a complementary tool assisting continued pet healthcare.


Our Telemedicine Service

One of our veterinarians will conduct each Telemedicine consultation.

Telemedicine consultations are only suitable for certain animal medical conditions and will be considered on a case-by-case basis. All consultations, including patient examination, history, diagnosis, treatment and treatment plans are performed and recorded as per an in-clinic consultation, albeit performed remotely.

Our Terms of Service

By participating in a Telemedicine consultation, you accept the following Terms of Service and agree to be bound by the Terms of Use we refer to in Clause 4 of the Terms of Service.

If you do not agree to be bound by the Terms of Service, please contact our reception to arrange an alternative appointment.

By entering the Online Consultation Room or participating in a Telemedicine consultation, you accept and agree to the following.

1. A Video consultation may be performed if;

  1. We have an established relationship with you and your animal/s. An established relationship indicates either (i) a veterinarian from Hamilton Vetcare has recently performed a clinical examination of your animal at our clinic, (ii) our veterinarian has assumed responsibility for making judgements regarding the health & welfare of your animal and the need for treatment, with your agreement, or (iii)  in an emergency situation, if an alternative is not possible, a telemedicine consultation may be provided until suitable arrangements can be made for the continuing care of the animal.
  2. Our veterinarian has sufficient knowledge of your animal to at least initiate a general or preliminary diagnosis of your animals’ medical condition.
  3. Our veterinarian decides that a telemedicine consultation is appropriate and consistent with the care regime of your animal after assessing all available information
  4. You are conducting this telemedicine consultation within Victoria

2. Each Telemedicine consultation is limited to only one animal, and is invoiced separately.

3. Before the Telemedicine consultation commences, we may ask you to provide personal information including your address and phone number, to provide your credit card details via Coviu for payment, and provide any further information necessary or helpful to undertake the Telemedicine consultation.

4. By participating in a Telemedicine consultation, you agree to these Terms of Service and the Terms of Use of the intermediary service provider (Coviu) that hosts our Telemedicine consultations. 

5. You agree that we may make audio and visual recordings of your Telemedicine consultation for any or all of the following purposes, including their use in your animals ongoing care, and to help identify or make improvements in Hamilton Vetcare’s clinic training.

6. We may refuse to undertake a Telemedicine consultation or provide or suggest treatment if any fee(s) are outstanding.

7. If you do not accept these Terms of Service you are welcome to contact us for an in-person consultation.