Premium maintenance and prescription pet foods

Did you know feeding supermarket pet food is similar to feeding your pet junk food?

Most supermarket  pet foods are very high in salt and use a very poor quality protein – they often use cereal based products for protein instead of a good quality meat. At Hamilton Vetcare, we recommend Veterinary Exclusive Royal Canin premium pet foods for your dogs and cats. Royal Canin food is made with human grade quality ingredients and has a money-back guarantee. Your pet will be happier and healthier on this premium food, which also helps prevent conditions such as dental disease, arthritis, obesity, urinary crystals, renal disease, fur-balls (in cats) & diarrhoea.

At Hamilton Vetcare, we stock an extensive range of Royal Canin food. Come in and ask one of our friendly staff about the most suitable Royal Canin food for your furry friend.